About Fant

If you have to remember FANT for two things, it is that we work to create better living conditions for children and youth in developing countries. And that we use sports as the foundation for everything we do.

We do this because we love sports. Because sports is a universal language. And because sports create healthy communities.

By partnering with local grassroots and organizations, we help establish and develop self-sustaining associations. We support their development through education in democracy, human rights, local legislation, fundraising, healthy habits, and much more.

If you have to remember one more thing about FANT, it is precisely this: that we help and support, but we also demand that the projects can be locally operated by local forces.

We have a special focus on the most vulnerable and marginalized groups. The children, the girls, and the disabled. And we support the strongest in taking the lead as role models, coaches, captains, or organizers. In this way, communities simultaneously give the weakest a chance and the strongest a responsibility.

We understand that for many Danes, it can be difficult to relate to the daily challenges in many African countries. Therefore, we make an effort to ensure a clear and tangible connection between the ideas and campaigns we launch in Denmark and the projects we support and implement in Africa.

And we guarantee that all funds are actually used for the development projects they are intended for. In FANT, any form of corruption is unacceptable, and unnecessary middlemen are costly.

Of course, we also ensure to document and share the work our members, sponsors, partners, and volunteers contribute to. It is important that they trust us and feel both heard, seen, and involved.

And we insist on having fun.

Humanitarian work should not be a daily struggle. Unless it’s a football or handball match, of course.