About Fant

FANT – Football for a new tomorrow is a humanitarian organization that through the establishment and operation of sports associations, in the civil war tormented African country, Sierra Leone, creates development and change for kids and young people.

This is done by:

  • Creating healthy communities for kids and young people
  • Educating kids and young people in democratic thinking and producing role models in local communities.
  • Improving women’s opportunities to participate equally in the democratic society.
  • Making cultural exchange between Sierra Leone and Denmark.
  • Creating football clubs that are more than just clubs, but clubs that take social responsibility in the local communities.
  • Enlightening about Africa in Denmark, and hereby creating a better and bigger understanding of difference and the importance of developmental work.

The organization was founded in 2012 by Cecilie Hauerberg and Erik Rasmussen in connection to the project “Football for Unity” in which Hummel and DGI collaborated. Since 2015, “Football for Unity” has been driven by FANT.

FANT and “Football for Unity” is established on a notion that sport can break barriers and create relations between people. Despite societal status, cultural differences, different ethnicities, gender and religion, more than 10,000 kids and young people get together in 10 sports associations in Sierra Leone with one common passion – the sport.