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The initiative starts on July 1, 2022

About the campaign

What is FANT on the go?

FANT on the move/go

FANT on the move/go is an initiative for people who would like to stay active during the summer and their summer break and at the same time support FANT in creating personal and societal changes via healthy communities in the world of sport.

During July you have to register all your activity – running, swimming, cycling, roller skating or walking.

You must find your own sponsor(s) who want to help by giving you an amount per kilometer you move.

Example: you run 5 kilometers 3 times a week which means that you in total in July will end up with 60 kilometers. Hereafter your sponsor must transfer 60*the agreed amount (for example 2DKK meaning 60*2DKK = 120 DKK) to 299725 which is FANTs MobilePay number. Ask them to write your name as comment.

The first 100 people to sign up, get a hummel t-shirt for free and for all the participants, good. Karma is on the way from FANT.

You can also choose to sign up for a week instead of the whole month but isn’t summer break the right time to get back in shape?


Use #FANTPÅFARTEN so we can follow your journey and share your motivational experiences with the entire FANT- family.


It doesn’t have to be a company – maybe your boy- or girlfriend thinks it is a great idea to support you in getting back in shape, maybe you want to challenge your neighbor or maybe just your sweet, sweet mum. It is up to you how you will do to find sponsors. A good idea can be to make a post on social media – let your network know about the good case. Make sure to write how many kilometers you intend to move. It makes it easier for people to support if the know approximately how much they are going to donate.

Another idea is to challenge a friend and be each other’s sponsors.

Sign up

Sign up:

The first 100 to sign up will receive a hummel t-shirt for free. Once you have signed up, a link will pop up and you can then order the t-shirt. Shipping is 40 DKK.


The campaign runs the entire month of July and you must register your activity all month. Did you just sign up for one week, just register the activity in this week.

FANT on the move is just for fun and it is up to you to set your ambitions. It is all about being active and support a good case.


When you register your activity and sponsors you can always see how much money you have collected. We encourage you to update with your activities regularly since it is very nice to see how everything is going.


Once July is over, you inform your sponsors about how many kilometers you have moved and how much they should transfer to FANT on MobilePay 299725. We will send you a reminder on this once July is over.

thank you for making a difference
How are the money spent?
Girls on the pitch

The 2022 edition of FANT on the move will focus on getting more girls included into organized sports activities. The profit from FANT on the move will therefore be transferred to Sierra Leone, where skillful local female coaches daily work hard to secure exactly this.

Since it is not very common in Sierra Leone that girls do sports, the coaches spend time on getting a relation to the parents, so they get an understanding of why sports activities is a very good idea for the girls.

To become able to run even more activities, water, footballs and handballs and training equipment is needed for the girls. Besides that, the coaches need transportation to and from the training pitch and they need occasional education to develop themselves.

Below you will find some examples on what we can achieve/secure with different amounts of money. In that way you can see how your money is spent.

If you collect 100 DKK, FANT will be able to buy water for 3 teams for a month.

If you collect 500 DKK, 3 girls will be able to participate in weekly organized sports activities for a year.

If all participants collect 10.000 DKK in total, this means that 100 girls can participate in weekly organized sports activities for a year.

If all participants collect 25.000 DKK in total, 200 girls can participate in the weekly activities, and we can buy water for their trainings.

Should we reach 50.000 DKK in total, 300 girls will be able to participate in the weekly activities and we can at the same time make sure they get equipment such as clothes and shoes for the trainings.

75.000 DKK is enough money to make sure that 400 girls can participate in the weekly activities and improve the conditions of the training pitch.

Should magic happen and we reach 100.000 DKK, then 500 girls will be able to participate in the weekly activities for a year and we can furthermore improve the surrounding conditions, meaning access to toilets and locker rooms.

We hope the above can be motivating for you when you are bicycling or put on your running shoes.

Wishing you an fun and sweaty July

Who is FANT

FANT – Football for A New Tomorrow is a Danish Humanitarian organization founded in 2012 working for a world where everybody in the world – regardless of sex, age, disability or origin – have access to organized sports activities and communities and that this communities create personal as well as societal changes.


How do I register?

Sign up here:

How to find a sponsor and who can be a sponsor?

Ask your friends and family or use your social media to find sponsors in your network.

What sports can I participate in?

You can participate in exactly the sport that suits you best. We use running, swimming, cycling and walking as examples, but it can also be horse riding, boxing or table tennis – you set it up yourself so it makes sense.

Who can participate?

Anyone who wants can participate.

How is the money spent?

Your money goes to FANT’s work to develop people and society with the sport as a starting point. FANT uses people’s motivation and love for sports to create positive change at different levels and platforms. We believe that sport can change the world.