For companies
Your company can bring back joy to the children of Africa

At FANT, we want to engage companies in our important work. We thank you by providing value for money – and close proximity to the good cause. Read more about FANT Business – and FANT Partner.

FANT is a Real Impact NGO

Specifically, it means that we are a small and efficient NGO, where your contribution makes an enormous difference. It also means that we take good care of the money. More than 80% of our funds are directly given to the work in of the poorest countries in the world.

As you can read more about on these pages, we are currently implementing more of the UN’s 17 Global Goals into our work. In doing so, your company can be a part of strengthening, for instance, equality between genders (Global Goals 5) and good health and well-being (Global Goals 3) in Africa through our strong organisational work with sports.

Good news: We have ditched the classic sponsorships

Instead, we have focused on making it valuable for you. That is why we have developed a membership for companies, we call it FANT Business – and an extended and mutual collaboration, we call FANT Partner.

Fant Business
Fant Partner

If  you or your company wish to support FANT, it can be done in a number of ways. Contact Fant and hear more about the possibilities to become a sponsor or partner.