Become af member of FANT Business
2,500 anually that are tax reductable

The membership is 2,500 annually. You will automatically get a deduction at SKAT when you inform your CVR-number.  

Our more than 10 years of experience tell us that the most important aspect for our business members is that their CSR-work is easily shared, made visible and celebrated with customers, employees and investors. That is why we have put together a strong membership package for you as a company.

FANT Business

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Security and personal information

All information and data are secured with SSL encryption. For our memberships, we use DonorBox. You will receive an e-mail where you can create your own account and from which you will be able to follow your scheduled payments or cancel your membership.

For our payment service, we use Stripe. Your credit card information is transferred from DonorBox to Stripe via encryption, which cannot be accessed by either Fant, DonorBox, or anyone else.