Backway is not the solution
  • Country: The Gambia
  • Partner: Youth Against Irregular Migration
  • Project start: 2022
About the project

Thousands of young people from the Gambia have over the years taken “the backway” which is a popular expression for the overland journey towards Europe with the hope of creating a better future. The backway relates to traveling with limited funds and without required papers.

Many ends up in Libya where they are being prisoned and later sent back to The Gambia with mental and physical scars. “The Backway” has become an industry, especially in Northern Africa and many of the young people is being abused, raped, kidnapped and is being deprived.

Together with the local organization, YAIM, FANT is in this project focusing on other and better ways to create a good life then by taking the risk with “the Backway” towards Europe.

About YAIM

YAIM is an organization founded by young people who all have left for “the Backway” and ended up being returnees in the Gambia. Their wish is to create changes in the Gambia, so it becomes an attractive country to create a future in. YAIM is using their story to talk other young people out of taking “the Backway”.

Target group

Young people in the Gambia, primarily young men, who either have taken “the Backway” or are returnees and young people who are in the risk group of planning to take “the Backway”.


As in FANTs other projects sport is being used to create a free space where it is easier to talk about certain topics. Therefore a part of this project is to create football teams where young people who have tried “the Backway” meet and socialize with young people who are in the risk of going.

Football teams where the young people meet up in a healthy community and talk about dreams and also about risks of “the Backway”. In that way they can share experiences and together make an effort for creating the changes in the Gambia, they dream about.