Danmark's Best Home Ground
  • Land: Denmark
  • Partner: The Satirical Media Team “Mandsholdet”
  • Start: 2023
About the project

With this project, FANT and the Satirical Media Team “Mandsholdet” aim to engage and inform football enthusiasts in Denmark about FANT’s work in Sierra Leone. By drawing parallels between amateur football in Denmark and Sierra Leone, the project focuses on what a football team’s community can achieve.

How does the community contribute to something positive, and what similarities exist between an amateur football team in Broballe and one in Freetown? By reformulating complex concepts into a language that football players can understand, the goal is to stimulate reflections on community.

How can friendly banter on and off the field unite players on a team? Why is the locker room so important, and where does one go when there is no locker room? These are some of the questions that Mandsholdet will raise in this project, where the value of community will also be showcased at the event “Denmark’s Best Home Ground.”

The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Information and Engagement Fund, OpEn.

In February 2023, Mandsholdet was in Freetown, Sierra Leone, to film and conduct research for the project. In the photo, Lasse Schøber from Mandsholdet is seen with some of the players from the Flying Stars Amputees, a football team where all the players are amputees due to injuries they sustained as children and young people during the civil war in Sierra Leone.

As part of the project, three players from the team will be visiting Denmark.