HAND – Handball for A New Destiny
  • Country: Sierra Leone
  • Local partner: FANT Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone Handball Association
  • Established: 2018

About the project

The HAND project takes its point of departure in the establishment and operation of 6 female handball clubs in Sierra Leone. In each of these clubs, more than 50 girls meet weekly for handball practice, and what they experience is a free space and a healthy community. The handball clubs are build up around democratic principles and introduce girls to handball by an annual handball tournament where the 6 clubs compete against each other. HAND teaches girls about the rules of the game, hands out handball equipment and establishes handball clubs in which girls regularly meet for workshops that educate them in democratic principles and human rights.

Several places in the world girls are excluded from sports activities due to old prejudices, convictions and ancient standards. However, handball is not a widespread sport like football and FANT has learned that it’s actually easier for girls to gain access to the sport because it’s not predominantly reserved for the boys.

Former Olympic gold medalist winner from Denmark, Josephine Touray has been a great driving force in the establishment of HAND.

See for yourself in the video below under what conditions the girls in Sierra Leone play handball. And meet one of the female coaches who fights every day to improve women’s rights in Sierra Leone.

HAND is closely related to the Global Goals of UN, especially Goal 5: Gender Equality.