Football kept their spirit

The Flying Stars

The Flying Stars is an amputee football club based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The players are all victims of the bloody civil war that ripped apart Sierra Leone for decades. Now they unite in a common passion for football. And it's that love for the game that keeps their spirit high, despite their injuries.

With your support, we can improve the conditions and rights for the disabled in Sierra Leone.

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Football for a new tomorrow

FANT - Football for a new tomorrow is a humanitarian organization. Through the establishment and operation of sports associations in the civil war tormented African country, Sierra Leone, FANT creates development and positive change for kids and young people. Among these are The Flying Stars Amputee Football Club.

Founded in 2012, today, more than 10.000 children and young people now get together in one of the 19 sports associations in Sierra Leone that FANT has established.

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How can I support?

Support The Flying Stars and FANT's humanitarian work in Sierra Leone, with a one-time donation through PayPal.
The first 100 people to donate 100€ or more will receive a free limited edition Flying Stars hoodie.

A member of the FANT team will contact you, when the donation has been placed.

The impossible team

Watch the documentary about The Flying Stars Amputee Football Club

Football for a new tomorrow

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