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At only 200 DKK a year you can make a great contribution to the lives of kids and young people in Sierra Leone

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Let you and your company become direct sponsors of one of Fant's football teams in Sierra Leone

Our vision

Sport breaks barriers and creates relations. We believe in changing the World through sport.

What we do

Through the establishment and preservation of sports clubs, Fant secures that kids and young people can persistently do sports in Sierra Leone. Fant develops role models who inspire and support the kids in their everyday lives. The kids are educated in democratic principles which they are to benefit from in many other aspects of their lives. The clubs educate moreover in human rights, including women’s rights, which are explored and debated on various workshops. This is how Fant creates sports clubs that are more than just clubs – but clubs that take social and human responsibility in local communities.

How the money is distributed
  • 72% - Humanitarian work in Sierra Leone
  • 23% - Monitoring of projects
  • 3% - Management
  • 1,6% - Information and campaign expenses
  • 0,4% - Enforced net capital
Football For Unity
Come Back Stronger
Sport and Entrepreneurship
Give the game back to the children of Africa