Sport And Entrepreneurship
  • Country: Ghana
  • Local partner: Hopin Academy
  • Established: 2020

About the project

Big parts of Africa lack jobs and almost an entire youth population have no prospects for a healthy worklife. Ghana is one of the countries in Africa that has actually done well for themselves. An increasing amount of young Ghanaians get useful educations, but unfortunately it doesn’t mean that there are jobs waiting for them when they finish their educations.

Together with HOPin Academy in Nothern Ghana, FANT has launched the project “Sport and Entrepreneurship”. The project utilizes interest in sports to educate young people in innovation and entrepreneurship, so, instead of waiting for jobs to come around, the adolescents can help create the jobs themselves. The projects gathers 300 young entrepreneurs in a network that across different platforms work to improve conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship in Northern Ghana. Lectures, events and so on involve and use sports as a business sector where it is profitable to incorporate innovation.

Sport and Entrepreneurship is closely related to the Global Goals of UN, especially Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.