What is Connected Leadership?
Connected Leadership is a unique 5-day immersive leadership journey in Sierra Leone

Connected Leadership challenges participants’ view of the world and themselves with a focus on self-awareness to become a more connected leader.

Built on the philosophy that leadership can not be taught, the journey aims to move participants out of their comfort zone and into a different environment than their everyday lives.

By creating real-life immersive situations, participants can mirror their current leadership approach, purpose, impact, and rethink this to identify who they want to be as a leader and how to develop their leadership potential.

“For me, the last five days have been a life changing event. There is no right or wrong, and that has been clear as of day one. It’s just really time to understand who you are and what drives you.”

– Roger Dekkers, Connected Leadership 2023 participant


  • welcome new ways of looking at themselves and life. Care deeply about how you behave authentically by understanding who you are and what you really care about.
  • are ready to be challenged on their viewpoints in settings that call for reflection, and have a desire to reflect which is critical to learning the most.
  • believe that everything is connected or related in some respect, wherefore participation requires a mindset of openness and curiosity to explore and encourage true diversity and inclusion.


  • be challenged on viewpoints on personal values and beliefs, as an individual and as a leader.
  • be exposed to leadership experiences from an NGO born with a purpose and that attracts followership as a prerequisite to success, not because of success.
  • be focusing on connecting and enhancing an ability to serve and help those around them.
  • Be reflecting and journaling to bring home as much inspiration and as many Sierra Leone moments as possible.

“I don’t think that there is a big difference between being a leader in a big, international company and being a coach or a community leader in one of our communities, because the thing is your connections to the people you lead. If you do not have connection to the people that you work with then you will not lead an international company or a football team”

– Cecilie Hauerberg, Facilitator, Connected Leadership.